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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Medical Group?

A medical group is a network of providers (doctors and clinicians) that work together to treat patients (members). Medical groups offer a wide range of care services from primary, specialty, urgent, and hospital care. 

How do I join Heritage Sierra Medical Group? 

To join Heritage Sierra Medical Group, please contact your health insurance provider. You can contact your health insurance provider by calling the provided phone number on your health insurance card. Once connected, request to be assigned to Heritage Sierra Medical Group under one of our primary care providers.

Need help with this process? Contact our concierge Member Services Department (8AM - 5PM; Monday - Friday) for one-on-one support. To reach Member Services, please call: (661) 273-7346.

What's a Member?

The term, member, is used to describe a patient who has joined a medical group. Most medical groups refer to their patients as members because some insurance coverage options (like HMOs) require patients to select a medical group for their care.  

At Heritage Sierra Medical Group, we refer to our patients as members because we consider you like an extension of our family.

What's the Difference Between a PPO & HMO?

A PPO or Preferred Provider Organization is a health plan option that allows you to access a network of healthcare providers determined by a health insurance carrier. With a PPO health plan, you don't need a referral to see a specialist. PPO coverage may also allow you to see different primary care providers and specialists. 

A HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is a health plan option that allows you access to a network of healthcare providers determined by a medical group. Medical Groups manage the care of their members by helping to coordinate: referrals, specialist appointments, prescription care, chronic condition management and more. With a HMO health plan, referrals and authorizations are required to see a specialist. All aspects of care are maintained by the member's primary care provider or PCP.  

Is Heritage Sierra Medical Group Local to Me? 

Heritage Sierra Medical Group services the cities of Palmdale, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita.


As a member, you'll be referred to specialists, imagining centers and laboratories within our office locations or local to the city you reside in. 

What Services are Offered On-Site?

Heritage Sierra Medical Group offers primary care, imagining, select specialists and laboratory services on-site. 

Our Lancaster and Santa Clarita office locations have pharmacy centers for your prescription needs.

In addition, our Palmdale office offers Walk-In, Urgent Care services. 

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